Dispute Resolution

The firm is well known as a litigating firm. 

In the name partners’ twenty years of experience, the dispute resolution practice has significantly increased in number and variety of cases. The Firm’s litigation experience ranges from transport and insurance to high profile banking frauds, international trade and product liability claims and commercial disputes. The involvement extends to mediation, domestic and international arbitration with presence in ICC and London arbitrations, as well as, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. All our lawyers have litigation practice and have Supreme Court experience. We also have a wide range of correspondents in various cities in Turkey, as well as all over the world. 
We aim to prepare tailor made strategies for each specific Client and case, aiming to find the correct choice between negotiating a settlement and pursuing litigation. Where litigation is unavoidable, we are flexible in fees and prepare realistic cost assessments. Partners, associates and trainees share the research, drafting of pleadings and attendance to Court according to the case. The Firm is especially strong at the enforcement stage and senior associate Pınar Özeyranlı is dedicated to Court and Enforcement Office attendance.
Arrest of ships is a particular area of expertise. Dilek Bektaşoğlu-Sanlı has been a speaker and author of various arrest articles within the past decade and is an expert on arrest of ships.
Similarly, enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards is a practice that members of the firm have carried out all the time and the Firm has a perfect track record of not having failed in a single enforcement case.